Dr.VIOLiT 2™ works by using vibration, magnetic and infrared LED light therapy to speed healing and decrease pain during recovery from surgery or accidents.

Pain Treatments

This device can be an effective and appropriate tool for prevention of tension headaches and muscle strain in the neck, arms and wrist (carpal tunnel). It is perfect for use in the workplace as well as in the home.


Dr. VIOLiT 2™ is a drug-free treatment for soft tissue, muscular pain, joints, fractures and sprains as well as migraine headaches and sinus pain. It also helps to enhance recovery of scar tissue after injury or post operative surgery.

Ease of Use

Dr.VIOLiT 2™ can be used anywhere and is portable so bring it with you. Eliminate the need to carry pain-relieving drugs that are harsh on your body.

Magnetic Therapy

Unparalleled breakthrough in innovative magnetic wave technology that distributes and expels energetic, magnet, spiral waves through the head of the device with pleasant vibrations.

Magnetic Waves

Magnetic waves direct 5-10 inches of penetration into the body while creating a warm and pleasing sensation. Spiral motion of magnetic waves achieves fast and deep results which aids in the healing of injuries of soft tissue and bone fractures.

Endorphin Releasing

This form of therapy reaches many nerves around the treated area, sending a strong message to the pituitary gland in the brain to release endorphins, which helps to relieve pain.