Q. What is the difference between the Dr. Violit 2 device to other LED light devices in the market today?
A. It’s the unique combination of three therapeutic technologies which creates a powerful device that can relieve pain quickly and safely.

Q. Is there any dangerous radiation using the Dr. Violit 2 device?
A. Absolutely not. LED lights are known as very powerful lights, yet many devices have used them on the human body for the last two decades with no complaints.

Q. How many people have tried the Dr. Violit 2 device?
A. Over 500 people, in the last six years, during the development of the device. We tried the device in doctor offices, nursing homes, outpatient clinics and the private sector.

Q. What is the percentage of successful treatments?
A. After several years of testing, we’ve documented 5 out of 6 patients experienced relieve from pain in just 5 minutes or more which averages 85% rate of success.

Q. How long do I need to treat my pain to see results?
A. Treatment time varies depending on the severity and location of your pain. On average, you should experience relief within the first 5 minutes of treatment. Painful joints such as the knee or shoulder require 7-10 minutes of treatment.

Q. What can I do if I have painful stubborn spasms?
A. It is recommended to use a cold pack for 8 minutes prior to the treatment, also increase the treatment time in increments of 6 minutes per treatment and repeat 3 times resting 10 minutes in between treatments. For dull pain use a hot pack for 5 minutes, then follow same treatment as above.

Q. Can I use Dr. Violit 2 by myself on my compressed fracture T12 disk and/or my five torn cervical and lumber disks?
A. Yes, this device is designed for self use and you can also have someone else treat you. The treatment itself is soft and gentle and has been made to treat painful and sensitive injuries from accidents or degenerative causes. It’s always recommended that you consult your health practitioner before you start treatment.

Q. Can I use the Dr. Violit 2 device with Titanium Implants?
A. Yes, the magnetic wave as well as the LED lights with vibration have no negative effect.

Q. Does it help with numbness and tingling?
A. Yes, in most cases you will relieve numbness and tingling faster then pain.

Q. How often do I need to treat myself?
A. It depends on your pain level. The good news is you are not limited — you can start with one or two treatments until you reach the point of comfortability. Learn more by viewing the pain and vibration frequency level chart, found in the instructions section on our website.

Q. When I get relief from my pain should I cancel my doctor visits?
A. Absolutely NOT! Dr. Violit 2 is not a substitute for any medical treatment or health practitioner, but it can be integrated to any therapy you receive as a pain fighter.

Q. What is the weight of the Dr. Violit 2 device?
A. Less then one pound which includes 1 lithium rechargeable battery and accessories.

Q. How much use can I get from one full charge?
A. Initially needs to be charged for 4 hours which will give you aprox. 3 hours of usage. (Recommended to charge after an hour of usage to extend the battery life) For your convenience this model comes with a USB charger which enables you to charge at home, in your car or on a airplane.

Q. Where is the Dr. Violit 2 device manufactured?
A. 100% Designed in the USA. Still looking for an experienced Medical devices factory which is approved by FDA.

Q. Does Dr. Violit 2 device have FDA approval?
A. We have started the process of acquiring FDA approval. The process of receiving FDA verification for a health device can be very lengthy. Due to the fact that this device is battery operated and relates to Class 2 it may be a shorter process — especially when there are many LED light devices now on the market. In the meantime we received a Certified Technology Badge from Arrow Electronics Inc. and it is Great News.

Q. Are their any side effects from Dr. Violit 2 treatments?
A. There are no negative side effects, and we have not received any complaints in the last six years. The first positive side effect is a big sigh of relief. The second is wondering why in the world hasn’t this device already been invented.

Q. Is there any upkeep of the device recommended?
A. Yes, to clean the device we recommend using moist cleaning wipes after your daily usage or after another person uses your device. DO NOT wash in water.

Q. What if I receive one part broken or defective?
A. Dr. Violit 2 has a one year warranty to cover any defective or broken parts. Simply send back the whole device with it’s accessories including it’s case and we will replace it for you with a new one, or refund your money upon request.

Q. What should I do if I am not happy with the device?
A. You should give it a fair trial of 30 days and if after 30 days it is not working for you, please feel free to return the product for a full refund.