Dr.VioliT 2 Device


The idea to build a device which combines vibration frequencies, magnetic waves and LED lights came from NASA scientific articles released. One of the articles on December 18, 2000 NASA news (release 00-366) states: NASA space technology shines on healing.

This unique device is non-invasive and drug free, portable, and has 4 AA 1.5V rechargeable batteries on DC Power to control the operation of the device. It is designed for gentle treatment of soft tissue, muscle pain, headache, joint pain, and the pain caused by illnesses. The treatment starts with turning the light (pressing on/control) place it one inch above the skin on the effective area to warm it up (for two minutes) then press on/frequency control keep pressing till you get the desired frequency, continue with direct touch to the skin with a slight hand movement around the effective area. The treatment ends by pressing both top OFF buttons.

Average treatment duration is 5-8 min.

Once the device is charged, it will be ready to use for approximately 45 minutes, or until you see LO on the monitor. Finish the treatment and charge the battery for one hour.



Vibrational frequencies range from 1-12 and increase by pushing the button to the desired setting. Levels 1-3 are for dull pain, 3-5 for sharp pain, and 5-7 for deep tissue manipulation. High frequencies can be used for sciatic nerve pain on the hip and buttocks for up to two min.

NOTE: Recommended to start with levels 3 or 4 then increase to level 5 to create comfortability and acceptance from the treated area that way your nerve sensors adjust gradually, After 4 minutes treatment take a break for a few seconds and see how you feel. If there is no change you may go to level 6 or 7 or higher. We never recommend to start in high frequency level even when the pain is severe which will prevent additional irritation.